Steeping a Perfect Cup

This is simply a guide to assist you so that you may enjoy your loose leaf teas and tisanes. Adjust according to your taste. Most teas can be re-steeped multiple times allowing you to enjoy unique taste experiences .  Enjoy the process of preparing your specialty loose leaf teas from Serenity Tea Sips.  Allow the flavors to dance upon your tongue as you experience your special tea -time moment.





Always use fresh cold water, ideally spring water or filtered water. Avoid reheating the same batch of water. If you drink tea frequently, we highly recommend purchasing one of our hot water dispensers. This will allow the water temperature to be consistently maintained for the tea type that you are enjoying. Place the recommended amount of loose leaf tea per cup into your choice of teaware.  For a stronger taste or flavor, simply add more leaves, but steep for the recommended time.

When your water has reached the correct temperature, pour the waterover your tea leaves, cover your teapot or cup and allow your tea to steep according to the guidelines provided or to your desired taste.







Word of Caution:  Tea will become bitter due to over-steeping or from the use of excessively hot water depending upon the tea type.



Consider trying the Cold Brew Method of steeping teas.  This type of brewing method works best on black, green, white or oolong teas.  It is not recommended for fruit,herbal or rooibos tisanes.



Today, at social events, tea is the beverage of choice for many people. This is not surprising because next to water, it is the world’s second most popular beverage. The serving of tea in many countries is linked with hospitality and friendship and is a significant part of social customs.

If you have to make tea for a number of people, consider using a large pot or urn. This will save you preparation and serving time without distracting from the quality of the tea served. You can use loose leaf tea or tea bags.

When using  Serenity Tea Sips loose leaf teas, consider purchasing the personal tea bags that we offer.  This will allow the leaves room to expand, but not leave any residual tea leaves in the urn.  B

Remove the loose leaf tea or tea bags from the pot or urn once the tea has steeped the proper time. If the loose leaf tea or tea bags are left in the pot or urn past the recommended steep time, the tea will become bitter due to oversteeping.