Sweet Verbena
Sweet Verbena
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Sweet Verbena  is a flavored black tea blend that offers a hint of the tropics with the taste of mango, papaya and a hint of verbena.  This is a refreshing tropical tea to enjoy over ice! Sweetener may be added if desired.

Ingredients: Black tea, papaya bits, mango bits, verbena, marigold blossoms and flavoring

  • Amount: 1-2 teaspoons / 8 oz. cup
  • Water Temperature: 206-212 degrees F
  • Steep Time: 3-5 minutes

CAUTION: Avoid oversteeping as tea will become bitter.

tomatoe39 says
Summertime bliss
I have just discovered this new tea. It is awesome! I went over to my neighbors house also a Serenity Tea Sips lover like me and she was having a cup of Sweet Verbena. She had mixed a little Lady Gray with it and a little half and half and I was in love immediately. I am drinking it tonight, best one ever. Thank you Serenity Tea Sips for your awesome teas!
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Liane says
This is now one of my favorite teas! It is not overpowering with flowery flavor, but just enough to make it perfect. Good either plain or with some milk added.
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