South African Coconut Chai
South African Coconut Chai
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Our delicious South African Coconut Chai has a base of Rooibos that is only grown in a very small portion in the Western Cape province of South Africa. This blend is caffeine - free for those individuals who love a warm spicy chai, but cannot tolerate the caffeine.

Ingredients: Rooibos, cinnamon, ginger, ginger root, white pepper, coconut flakes, cloves, natural OC and organic flavoring

  • Amount: 1 Tablespoon / 8oz. serving
  • Water Temperature: 206 degrees F
  • Steep Time: 5-7 minutes

Serving Suggestion: Add brown sugar and steamed milk

Allergen Alert:  Contains Coconut

Kristeana says
Different, but loved it!
This was the first time I ever tried a Chai, so I made sure to try and pick one with flavors I liked. So coconut seemed perfect and it was! I really loved the smell of this and I did as Serenity Tea Sips suggested, I added brown sugar and steamed milk. This made it even more divine. I felt like this was a luxury tea. I know this is something I will be grabbing for sure on a chilly cozy day!
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Jacque says
My New Favorite Thing
This tea is delicious! Full of wonderful aromatic flavors and spices, the perfect blend. We just had our first chill of Fall here in the South and this is definitely my go to drink. It's my cup of tea!
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