Nana Mint Herbal Infusion
Nana Mint Herbal Infusion
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Nana Mint is a traditional drink and can be drunk any time of the year hot or cold.  This infusion is a real thirst-quencher with no fruity notes, but with a delicious and vitalizing spearmint taste.  Its original and real name is crisped mint. There are no menthol nuances.

Tip:  Add a bit of Nana Mint to any of our teas for a delicious taste experience or add a touch to your soups or salads!

Ingredients: Nana Mint (spearmint)

  • Amount: 2 teaspoons per 8 oz. cup
  • Water Temperature: 206 - 212 degrees F
  • Steep Time: 10 minutes
Kristeana says
Spearmint Bliss
This is perfect when you are feeling down and achy. Just smelling the aroma of the spearmint is relaxing. Its such a refreshing evening hot tea to have before bed. I also read on it that it tastes good iced. I plan on doing that soon too. I will be rebuying this again. The quality of these teas are amazing.
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