Monk's Blend
Monk's Blend
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The subtle flavors of Darjeeling, Keemun, Assam and Nilgiri teas make this a unique and delicious blend.

  • Amount: 1 level teaspoon / 8oz. serving
  • Water Temperature: 206-212 degrees F
  • Steep Time: 3 minutes

Caution: Do not oversteep.  Tea will become bitter.



Andre H says
Brilliant blend
Monk's Blend has become my goto tea. No matter the time of day or how I'm feeling I steep a cup of the Monk, breathe deep the aroma and all is well! Such a flavourful rich blend of black tea leaves from various Indian regions to send your palate into overdrive. It's one of the most unique teas I've found and for the fantastic price you can never go wrong. My perfect steep on Monk's Blend is 2-3 minutes at 212 degrees with little to no sweetener. Highly recommended trust the monk!
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Jean says
I ordered this tea for my 22 year old son. He is always telling me you can't get tea like they have overseas, WRONG!! It comes in your mailbox. I have bought loose tea before and it did not compare to what I have received from Serenity Tea Sips. The care taken in the packaging, which I am guessing keeps the tea fresh, and using the correct brewing method, which is visible on the packaging, has made me as much of a tea lover as my son is. Thank you!!
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