Yoga Tea Herbal Infusion
Yoga Tea Herbal Infusion
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2nd Place Winner 

2016 North America Tea Championship - Spring Harvest Hot Tea

Unflavored Herbal Blends Category



Yoga Tea, actually a tisane, is filled with many flavorful spices known for their health benefits.  This tisane imparts spicy notes of cinnamon and cardamom.  It may be enjoyed hot or cold.

Ingredients: Cinnamon bits, ginger bits, hawthorn leaves, cardamom, black pepper, cardamom peels, cloves, cardamom powder, mallow blossoms and safflowers

  • Amount: 1-2 level teaspoon / 8 oz. serving
  • Water Temperature: 212 degrees F
  • Steep Time: 5 - 8 minutes



Cardamom - Has pain relieving, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects.

Black Pepper - Helps to boost your immune system by increasing glutathione levels. Piperine (in black pepper) seems to increase the bioavailability and absorption of nutrients.

Cinnamon - It is one of the most stimulating, heating spices there is. It helps sluggish digestion. Many women use it to prevent menstrual cramps and other muscle cramps. It helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Cloves - Helps to thin mucus and supports the respiratory system. Can also help relieve muscle aches and the pain of rheumatism and arthritis.

Ginger -  In Ayurveda, it is regarded as a universal medicine and detoxifier. Aids in warming cold hands and feet. It comforts cold and flu sufferers. It aids in relieving menstrual cramps, headaches and other pains.  Try it for nausea and stomach upsets.


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