Southern Soiree Fruit Tisane
Southern Soiree Fruit Tisane
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Award Winning Blend


A fruit tea blend of highest rank! Extra large flakes and cubes of juicy, exclusively exotic fruits form the base of this low in acid blend. This already artful taste was further enhanced by a particularly sweet and fresh flavor combination. A very delicious tea, which will outshine many other juice drinks. You should think twice before adding any sweetener. 

Excellent when served over ice! 

Ingredients:  pineapple cubes, mango cubes, pineapple and mango flakes, orange slices, freeze-dried tangerine pieces, safflower and marigold blossoms, freeze-dried strawberry pieces and flavoring

  • Amount: 1 heaping Tablespoon/8oz. serving
  • Water Temperature: 212 degrees F
  • Steep Time: 10-12 minutes


tomatoe39 says
This new tea that I got is phenomenal! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!
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cindi77518 says
I love this tea
This tea is amazing! You can see the fruit and it's perfect as an iced tea.
Would you recommend this product to a friend?: Yes
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