Cherry Tart Fruit Tisane
Cherry Tart Fruit Tisane
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This pretty, precious blend will capture your attention with its color nuances of rose petals, cherry pieces, elderberries and beetroot pieces which range from light red to dark to shining pink. Together with our fruit tea base and vanilla pieces, this creation is a delightful vision. The taste of sun ripened cherries which have just been plucked from the tree and sweetened with vanilla sugar has been captured with our specially selected flavors. Full, mellow, creamy taste nuances harmonize with the fruit pieces.

Excellent when served over ice!

Ingredients: apple pieces, hibiscus blossoms, rose hip peel, elderberries, beetroot pieces, rose petals, blackberry leaves, freeze-dried sour cherry pieces, flavoring, and vanilla pieces. 

  • Amount: 1-2 level teaspoons / 8 oz. serving
  • Water Temperature: 212 degrees F
  • Steep Time: 8 - 10 minutes



Andre H says
Surprisingly great wellbalanced
Visually you can tell a lot of work went in to creating the Cherry Tart flavour profile. I used the title word surprisingly because in the past tisanes have been a bit too acidic for my palate. I chose to steep this one for the minimum recommended 8 minutes and I'm happy with the balance as a hot tisane. Fruity sweet, quite nice! I agree with others that this one is a bit better iced, but I give it a thumbs up at both ends of the spectrum. Give it a shot!
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Lisa says
Dessert for me
I ordered this because sometimes I like a little something with no caffeine. I was so surprised how delicious it was! Can't wait to try it iced. Wouldn't it be nice to give this wonderfully fruity wholesome tea to kids instead of sugary Kool Aid? If I had little ones I would.
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