Blackberry Delight
Blackberry Delight
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Whole blackberries, marigold blossoms and blackberry leaves wonderfully complement this expressive black tea blend. The pleasant scent of handpicked blackberries will invigorate your senses while their taste will refresh your palate.

Ingredients: Black tea, freeze-dried whole blackberries, marigold blossoms and flavoring

  • Amount: 1-2 level teaspoons per 8oz. cup
  • Water Temperature: 203 -212 º F
  • Steep Time: 4-5 minutes

Caution: Do not oversteep as tea will become bitter.

Serving Suggestions:  Add a touch of honey. Delicious served over ice.

Kristeana says
Blackberry Fun
OMG! I loved this tea so much I had it hot and iced. It was so flavorful! I love blackberries so this was right up my alley. The tea was so pretty and pleasing. I think this is my new favorite spring -summer drink. I think this would be a great gift for someone trying out new loose leaf teas!
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Katie says
I received this as a sample and the moment I opened it I wished I could smell it forever! It has real pieces of blackberry in it! The blackberry pieces pair with the nice traditional black tea to add a sweet fruity under taste. I like my tea unsweetened, but I'm sure this would be delightful with some honey to bring out the sweet blackberry notes. Delicious!!!
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