Charities We Support

If you have never walked the path of addiction with a loved one, friend or co-worker, it will be hard to understand the literal hell that everyone faces down this path of destruction.  Anyone of our lives could be forever changed, in an instant, by the use of drugs or alcohol, just as anyone of us may suffer the damaging effects that the addiction may bring upon innocent others.

There is HOPE from the ravages of addiction! The Hope comes when the addict or alcoholic realizes they have a problem, they truly want help and they have the unwavering prayers, love and support of people who are walking this path with them.  God is the God of second chances, never forget that.

As the President of Serenity Tea Sips, LLC, I have personal knowledge of these organizations and encourage you to prayerfully support them through monetary donations or volunteer work if you are in their areas.  While addiction may lead to crime and incarceration may result as restitution for the crime(s) committed, incarceration is not the answer long-term in helping a man, woman or child build their life back to become a strong, capable functioning member of society.

Please, prayerfully, consider a monetary donation to the charities that we also support.


PO Box 8
Arab, AL 35016
Phone: 866-293-8901


The mission of Mothers Against Methamphetamine is to glorify God by providing competent and compassionate drug education and rehabilitation resources that reflect the mercy of Jesus Christ for the addict, his family, and the community. To provide scientifically accurate and culturally relevant drug education and prevention resources to the entire community including those at risk for educational and occupational failure, family disintegration, and life threatening infectious disease due to exposure to methamphetamine.


8733 La Prada Dr.
Dallas, TX 75228
Phone: 214-321-0156


Nexus Recovery’s mission is to serve as a link to sobriety, independence and dignity for low-income women and their families affected by addiction.  We inspire hope, offer respect, and honor the unique differences of female addicts. This Dallas non-profit is at the forefront of specialized substance abuse services for females.  Nexus offers programs for adult women and adolescent girls ages 13 to 17, including those pregnant or accompanied by children.

Continually striving for excellence, Nexus has been accredited by The Joint Commission since 2006. This accreditation is common for private centers, but rare in the non-profit sector due to the high standards required to earn and maintain. Nexus believe that ability to pay should not dictate the quality of care received.


13134 Nile Dr.
Dallas, TX 75253
Phone: 972-286-1940


Soul’s Harbor is a 501(c) 3 member organization composed of a varied membership of stakeholders committed to “…helping men help themselves, and breaking the cycle of homelessness…”.  Soul’s Harbor is more than a shelter.  Soul’s Harbor offers the men of our shelter a six month program that provides the basic tools that will help facilitate their reintegration back into society if they actively participate in our program and utilize the tools that Soul’s Harbor provides.

Soul’s Harbor offers Work Therapy, Relapse Prevention, Overcomers (faith based 12 step), Life Skills, N.A. and A.A., Anger Management, Bible Study and a prayer every morning to start their day. If a man utilizes the tools that have been provided him, within these six months, he should leave Soul’s Harbor with a job and a place to live.

God bless you for reaching out to these organizations with your support!